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Coronavirus: Monaco to reopen restaurants, casinos, and museums

Restaurants, casinos, musées rouvrent le 2 juin à Monaco

The Prince’s government decided to proceed with the next stage of Monaco’s coronavirus exit strategy on June 2. The Principality will allow more economic activity to reopen on the condition that imposed health and safety measures are respected. 

On Wednesday 20th May at the Ministry of State, Government Councillors-Ministers Didier Gamerdinger (Social Affairs and Health) and Jean Castellini (Finance and Economy) announced the implementation of phase 3 of Monaco’s coronavirus exit strategy thanks to the improved health situation.


“None of the markers indicate an alert level,” announced Didier Gamerdinger. “We’re announcing in advance so that economic players can prepare, anticipate and take ownership of the measures.”

Here’s what reopens on June 2

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  • Reservations will be mandatory

“Employees will have to wear a mask, the menu will have to be displayed or in a digital version for smartphones. Condiments should be individual and the musical atmosphere moderate. Otherwise, people will talk louder and the risk of contamination is real,” explains Didier Gamerdinger.


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“People will have to be seated at tables of four or six. They will not be allowed to stand or sit at the bar. If there’s no more seating, the customer will not be able to enter,” said Didier Gamerdinger. “Karaoke will not be allowed nor live bands or piano bars. Just like restaurants, the volume will have to be moderate.”

Museums and exhibition centres will be allowed to open, but they will have to regulate access to ensure social distancing measures are respected.

Sunbathing will be permitted on beaches (where currently only “active” activity is allowed), providing there is 1.5 meters between towels and mattresses, even within the same family.

Some cultural shows (for example, at Fort Antoine) and congress centres can reopen.

Casinos and gaming rooms must respect social distancing rules, provide sufficient space between slot machines and gaming tables and systematically clean dice and chips.

Individual sports, including competitive swimming  will be permitted but collective and contact sports will be subjected to a discipline-by-discipline approval between the concerned federations and the Department of Health Action.

Here’s what stays closed

Other establishments, on the contrary, have not received government authorisation to reopen from June 2:

Cinemas (except the open-air one)

Nightclubs and discos


Collective spas

Recreational pools will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.