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Casino de Monte-Carlo offers online French Roulette

Casino de Monte-Carlo roulette
Casino de Monte-Carlo / SBM

The Casino de Monte-Carlo has introduced its latest innovation — a digital version of their French roulette table.

“The French roulette, DNA of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, has made its reputation and its signature for over 150 years and today a revolution!” the casino boasts. The innovation clearly never stops. The Casino de Monte-Carlo is the first in the world to offer a digital version of French roulette.


Follow the roulette live

To discover this exclusive offer, go to the Salle des Amériques. Opposite the classic seven-seat table, eight play areas have been installed. Once seated, the player can follow the roulette wheel live thanks to a touch screen. In addition to the French roulette wheel, you can also follow the English roulette wheel spinning in a nearby lounge, as well as a third, electronic one. From here, it is possible to bet on one, two or all three roulette wheels at the same time, starting at €1.

The aim of this new feature is to attract “fun players”, young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are used to screens. “A player who would be intimidated to sit at a roulette table can enjoy the experience a few meters away, in front of a screen, betting with tickets. He learns, he watches. And the purpose of this specific offer is to one day bring him to the table,” Boris Donskoff, director of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, explained to Monaco Matin.

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