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Stars’N’Bars rewarded for its commitment to fighting pollution

Stars'n'bars Monaco environnement

The Stars’N’Bars restaurant in Monaco has won the Energy Globe National Award for its 2019 awareness campaign about cigarette butts polluting the ocean.


Almost a year ago, Stars’N’Bars launched a rather original initiative. For every glass of cigarette butts collected, staff at the bar would give out a free beer. “Every year, billions of cigarette butts are thrown thoughtlessly onto the ground or down sewer grates and into the sea,” says Kate Powers, co-founder of the Stars’N’Bars.

Raising public awareness about ocean pollution

The idea, which was inspired by a Spanish bar, quickly won over residents in the Principality. In one month, volunteers collected more than 2,300 cigarette butts, “saving up to 1,200,000 litres of water”, they were pleased to announce. The waste was then donated to a recycling group in the southwest of France.

The Energy Globe Prize rewards the world’s best sustainable development projects. More than 180 countries participate each year, with nearly 2,000 projects submitted. Stars’N’Bars, appointed to represent Monaco, has always been very involved in environmental causes. Even today, it continues to raise public awareness of the dangers of cigarette butt pollution.