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Monaco’s National Council calls for more action to tackle Covid-19

National Council of Monaco
National Council of Monaco

On September 1, Monaco’s National Council expressed its concern at how the Prince’s government had handled the pandemic and called for more action.

There are many sore spots, amongst them the Covid-19 monitoring committee and the fact that the body has not met since July 28. The committee was created by the government at the beginning of the health crisis to discuss health and economic policies that would help tackle the pandemic. Yet, despite a rise in recorded infections in the Principality, the closure of several local establishments, and the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur being declared a red zone by the French government, the National Council points out that “since July 28, the government has not called for a meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee”.

Difficult access to Covid-19 tests and slow results

Access to PCR tests is also another sensitive issue. “The National Council deplores the lack of testing and the excessively long time required both to get tested and to receive results (which can sometimes exceed 7 days),”  said the members of the Council in a statement published this Tuesday. The body also criticised “the gap” between the government’s announcements regarding an increase in testing capacities and “the lack of resources currently available”.

We unfortunately find ourselves once again in a tense situation, as was the case with masks earlier this year

National Council (on availability of tests)

The National Council also raised concerns about the new school year and about preventive measures within workspaces. In both cases the Council regretted the absence of “clear governmental decisions”.

The Council members have requested a meeting of the Covid-19 Joint Monitoring Committee. “Monaco must be more autonomous and ambitious when it comes to tackling Covid-19,” concluded the statement.