In brief

Storm Alex: Monaco comes to France’s rescue



Following large-scale destruction caused by storm Alex in the Alpes-Maritimes region, the Prince’s Government has put in place several initiatives to assist the affected population.

Despite 80 km winds and over 105 mm of rainfall in just an hour, Monaco was left relatively untouched by storm Alex. The storm, which brought floods and landslides, passed over the French Riviera on 2 and 3 October. In Monaco, firefighters received 30 calls, mainly for flood interventions.

Funds to help France

On Friday evening, Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum was transformed into a shelter to welcome “shipwrecked commuters” stuck in Monaco after all the region’s train and bus lines were halted. Given the lack of demand – there was only one such “shipwrecked commuter” –  the shelter was closed in the early evening and the person moved to a hotel in Beausoleil.

On Saturday, Monaco offered logistical help and manpower to the French authorities dealing with the storm’s aftermath. On Prince Albert’s request, and after consultation with Monaco’s National Council, Monaco set up an emergency fund to help the affected population. On 4 October, 4 policemen, and 7 firefighters distributed 14 tons of water in two communes of the Alpes Maritimes department.