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Looking back on the Princess Charlene Foundation’s work in Ghana

Enfanst au Ghana
Fondation Princesse Charlene de Mo

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has renewed its partnership with the Educational Development Projects Trust (EDP Trust) for another five years. The news confirms the Foundation’s commitment to continuing its work in Awutu Breku, Ghana.

A British family charity, EDP trust was founded in 2009. The Trust sponsors the Awutu-Winton High School to help local youth broaden their professional perspectives. Thanks to the support of the trust, the school offers free secondary education.


What has the Princess’ Foundation got to do with all of this, you ask? Well, in November 2016, the trust built a swimming pool in the school, to be used by students and members of the local community. Over 9,200 children and adults have now benefited from swimming and drowning prevention lessons founded by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. A former South African Olympic swimmer, Princess Charlene founded Her foundation in December 2012 to fight against drowning and promote the values of sport. The foundation runs several programmes throughout the world, including “Learn to Swim” and “Water Safety”, which teaches drowning prevention methods. Since the foundation’s creation, almost 730,000 people, mainly children, have benefited from these programmes in 34 countries.

Together, we will save lives

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Building on the Foundation’s previous work

The renewal of the Foundation’s partnership with EDP Trust confirms the Foundation’s commitment to the Awutu Senya region. The Foundation has announced that it will continue carrying out swimming and drowning prevention lessons at the trust’s swimming pool.

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Moreover, the Foundation will also train new swimming teachers and water safety instructors, with always the same aim in mind: to reduce drowning risks in the Awutu Senya region, which is right on the Gulf of Guinea.