Covid-19: Eight death recorded in Monaco

Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace Monaco
Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace Monaco

Cases continue to rise in Monaco. On 14 January, 19 new cases were recorded in the Principality. This brings the total number, since the pandemic began, to 1145.

Almost every day, more people are being admitted to the Princess Grace Hospital with Covid-19. On 14 January, nine patients were in intensive care and 30 positive cases joined the wards. An 88 year old has also died from the virus: the eight person the Principality has lost to the disease.

However, yesterday was not all bad news. Some patients are recovering well with 21 testing negative and being discharged. To date, 947 Covid patients have been able to successfully return home. People self-isolating with milder cases of Covid-19 are also receiving medical support. A home patient monitoring centre has been set up in an effort to stop hospitals becoming overwhelmed. 114 people are currently self-isolating and health care professionals keep in regular contact to monitor their condition.

Racing driver Charles Leclerc tests positive

In a recent twitter post, Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc told fans that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Sports professionals must take part in regular asymptomatic testing and this is how he discovered he had the virus. However, the 23 year old wished to reassure his followers, tweeting: “I feel okay, I only have mild symptoms. I’m going to isolate at my home in Monaco.”

Another famous face being treated in Monaco is Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. On 14 January, the Italian leader was admitted to hospital with heart problems.