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Monaco’s Exotic Garden will remain shut until summer 2022

Jardin Exotique de Monaco
Monaco Town Council

Initially announced for January 2021, the reopening of Monaco’s Exotic Garden has now been postponed to summer 2022 after renovation works fell behind schedule.


The news was announced on the evening of Saturday 2 January on the Facebook account of the Exotic Garden. The garden has been closed to the public since the end of the March lockdown. Renovation works include the rehabilitation of the garden’s rocks, which are both fake and real.

The rocks cover the Observatory cave, a prehistoric cave situated 60 meters underground and had of late become a health and safety issue. In addition, five footbridges have either been renovated or replaced.

A media-friendly garden

The Exotic Garden has always been a highlight of the Principality. In addition to its idyllic setting overlooking the Rock of Monaco and its picturesque view of the sea, the garden attracts visitors with its countless species of exotic plants.

To keep in touch with the public now that the garden is closed, the Exotic Garden’s social media team has been active on Facebook since the beginning of lockdown, regularly sharing pictures of the garden’s plants.

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