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Why Monaco’s Exotic Gardens will remain closed until 2022

Michaël Alesi / Communication Department

Due to important building work, Monaco’s Exotic Gardens will remain closed for at least another year. Take a look at the renovation journey so far…


Monaco’s Exotic Gardens, one of the most visited places on the Rock, has been undergoing construction works since May 2020. Every day a team of 15 are in charge of reconstructing the artificial rocks and replacing footbridges. Opened in 1933, work of this scale has never been undertaken in all of the garden’s history.

Being home to thousands of species, some of which are 100 years old, these works have to be carried out carefully. As such, a team of gardeners takes cares of the exotic plants every day in order to protect them.

In terms of financing these incredible changes, 1.16 million euros has so far come from public funding and the Princely Government is now in charge of securing funds for the final stage of the project.

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A few setbacks along the way

Completion of this renovation project is set for Summer 2022, provided there are no more nasty surprises along the way. First of all the national lockdown set back the start date, and when works did get underway builders encountered some unexpected delays on site. Not only was there missing paperwork and documentation from the previous work carried out between 1913 and 1933, but builders had logistical issues too. Located on a cliff face, it was difficult to transport machinery to the gardens and removing rubble was also more challenging than first thought.

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