Covid-19: new border rules in place between France and Monaco

Prince's Government

A third lockdown entered into force in France as the country continues to grapple with the pandemic. New measures are now in place for people living in Monaco wanting to cross the border.


A local lockdown has been in place in the Alpes-Maritimes region for the last three weeks, but President Macron has now decided to make the measure nationwide, with the closure of schools forming part of this third national lockdown. Whilst the incidence rate (the number of positive cases reported per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days) in the Alpes-Maritimes department has been rising recently, the region has finally recorded better figures. After figures rose for 10 days straight, the incidence rate came down to 473 last week, according to Covidtracker. The department of Bouches-du-RhĂ´ne has now overtaken the Alpes-Maritimes department with an incidence rate of 480.

A lower incidence rate is a positive sign, but it has made no difference to hospital admissions. In fact, the number of patents in hospital was 336, which was 12 more than the day before. 125 of these patients are also in intensive care.

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Inter-regional travel

Anyone living in Monaco and wanting to travel to the Alpes-Maritimes department, for less than 24 hours, does not need to show a negative PCR test. However, the current lockdown measures must still be adhered to. This means that the official government document for journeys over 10km from your place of residence must be filled in and on your person at all times. Anyone travelling further than 30km from their home must provide a negative PCR test, from the last 72 hours, if stopped by the authorities.