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Monaco and Russia celebrate 15 years of friendship

Prince Albert Poutine

From trade relations to environmental cooperation.

After fifteen years of collaboration, both countries have expressed the desire to continue and deepen their relations. If in the early days of their friendship, relations between the two countries focused solely on trade and economic matters, today Monaco and Russia collaborate on a range of issues, from scientific research to environmental protection.


In light of a complicated year for the creative industry, the two allies now wish to begin a cultural partnership. Already in 2019, the “Russia loves Monaco” initiative brought to the Principality some of Russia’s most popular singers. The following year, the Russian Circus on Ice performed in Monaco.

A long-lasting history

The first diplomatic relations between the Principality and Russia go back to the end of the 19th cenutry with the signing of trade and political agreements. However, it was only in 2006, with Vladimir Putin, that an official diplomatic relationship began.

Today, Monaco has over 800 Russian residents, as well as a Russian consulate, located on Monaco’s rock. Given their high purchasing power, Russians also represent an important asset to the local tourism sector.

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