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Compulsory vaccination: the bill takes shape

Government of Monaco

The purpose of this legislation is to protect health workers from contamination and thus protect vulnerable people.


On Tuesday 3rd August, the the Government of the Principality tabled the draft bill relating to the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for certain categories of people. This concerns workers or contributors (volunteers, pupils or students) in Monegasque health establishments. Currently, 66% of the staff of health establishments have received a first dose of the vaccine.

This bill also stipulates the compulsory vaccination of the staff of an establishment, service or organisation whose mission is to receive or house vulnerable or fragile people (administrative staff, hotelkeepers, etc.).

An initiative to follow in September

Prince Albert II has therefore decided to convene a special session in the week of 13 to 17 September 2021. The bill will be considered by the assembly on 14 September.

For the president of the National Council, Stéphane Valeri: “This bill is justified by the need to protect the sick and the elderly who entrust their health to professionals whose duty it is to protect, as much as possible, those in their care, from the transmission of the virus”.