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Covid-19: nearly 3,000 cases in the Principality since the beginning of the health crisis

Monaco coronavirus
National Council of Monaco

Two reassuring developments: a decrease in the incidence rate and an increase in vaccination.

On Monday 9 August, six new cases of Covid-19 were detected in the Principality. In total, 2,992 people have been affected by the pandemic. Concerning hospitalizations, the CHPG is treating 30 patients: 24 (including 13 residents) are hospitalized, and 6 patients (including 3 residents) are being treated in intensive care.


At present, the ‘Centre de Suivi à Domicile’ (Home Monitoring Centre) is taking care of 83 people. These people, with few symptoms, are confined to their homes. The incidence rate is down compared to the previous seven-day period. It has decreased from 276.40 to 247.72.

In the Alpes-Maritimes, the incidence rate is also falling. After a dramatic peak of 755.2 on 30 July, the latest figures of 6 August show 619.5. Nevertheless, the number of hospitalizations is climbing and bed occupancy rate reaches 64%.

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Vaccines for all

As for vaccination, as of 7 August, 24,454 people had received a first injection (compared to 21,796 on 22 July). Among them, 19,606 have also received the second injection, i.e. 70.06% of the population eligible for the vaccine (over 12s). It should be noted that the vaccine is now available to all employees in the Principality.

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