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Resounding success for Mitron Bakery, Mauro Colagreco’s new bakery in Monaco

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Monaco Tribune/Raoul David

A hold-up at the opening of the star chef’s new establishment.

After Menton, the new artisanal and eco-friendly bakery concept created by Mauro Colagreco has set up shop at the Condamine market in the heart of Monaco. A successful opening for an exceptional bakery, which has already won the unanimous approval of Monegasques.


“We were cleaned out”

Many turned up for the opening on Tuesday morning to taste the new delights of the chef of the “best restaurant in the world.”

It was with surprise that the employees saw the customers come and go all morning, until they were almost out of stock by midday. “We were cleaned out, it was a real hold-up,” admits Jean-Marc Pécal, manager of the bakery.

A successful opening, especially in the middle of August, a time when the Condamine market is experiencing a drastic drop in visitors.

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“The bread is really good and these traditional breads can be kept for at least five days, which is very practical,” says a customer.

A “living bread”, a product of traditional baking know-how

Mitron Bakery is the result of an encounter between two lovers of quality products. Mauro Colagreco, famous chef at the Mirazur, and Roland Feuillas, baker and founder of the “Maîtres de mon moulin”.

With “Mitron Bakery”, Mauro Colagreco intends to restore the place that bread has in our traditional food. It is with a desire to revive the quality of the products of yesteryear that he created “Au baiser du Mitron”, an iconic Menton bakery.

Today, a second establishment is opening in the Principality, with a traditional production process that is unique in the region. A team of five people work daily on the creation of the products, from the making of the flour to the realisation of the final products.

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Traditional types of wheat are milled and then used to create products that are baked in a traditional wood oven.

This is Mauro Colagreco’s way of rediscovering the original quality of bread, whose excessive gluten content in today’s products can unfortunately be detrimental to consumers’ health. “Bread […] is the most wholesome thing our society can make, but unfortunately it can also be the most harmful for our bodies and our environment. We need to be fully aware of this.”

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Mitron Bakery Monaco Marché de la Condamine, place d’armes, 98000, Monaco Open every day (except Monday) from 7.30am to 1.30pm

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