The measure was due to be lifted on 30 November. However the Prince’s Government has decided to extend it, after consultation with the National Council. Other restrictive measures have also been taken.

We won’t be saying goodbye to the health pass at the end of the month after all.  In view of the health situation in the Principality, the Prince’s Government has decided to extend the measure beyond 30 November, the date on which it was supposed to be lifted.

“The use of the health pass, or any comparable documentation showing vaccination status, a negative test result, or a recovery certificate, will be compulsory for everyone who wishes to access terraces of restaurants and bars as of December 1st.  This obligation also applies to young people aged between 16 and 18 years”, according to the Government statement.

New restrictions

At the same time, the Government has decided to reinforce sanitary measures by lowering the capacity in establishments or premises frequented by the public that require presentation of a pass. The maximum capacity has been reduced from 1,000 to 300 people, in particular at the Opera, the Princess Grace Theatre and in the halls of the Grimaldi Forum.

The Government is encouraging the population to be vaccinated against the virus so as to avoid a major epidemic outbreak this winter. It also calls on all those who have travelled outside the Principality to be tested on their return.

This is why, until 14th November, Monegasques, residents, school children and those who are studying or working in the Principality will be able to undergo free screening without a medical prescription at the National Screening Centre located at the Rainier III Auditorium.