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Covid-19: Monaco adapts to French vaccination pass

Monaco Government

The Prince’s Government has published a press release on the new arrangements that have been put in place.

The vaccination pass comes into force in France on Monday 24 January, and the Principality must therefore modify its system.   While the Monaco health pass remains in force in its current format, those responsible for checking the pass in Monaco will now be able to choose between the health and the vaccination version, thanks to an update on the “TAC Vérif” application, as they can tick the “deactivate the vaccination pass” box.

For users, the health pass remains valid in the Principality, including on the “TousAntiCovid” application. On the other hand, the vaccination pass will be required in France, including for Monegasques and residents. They will therefore have to show they are fully vaccinated or present a Covid-19 recovery certificate that is between eleven days and six months old.

The vaccination pass can be activated in France from the start of the vaccination process, provided that the first dose is injected before February 15. However, a negative screening from within the previous 24 hours will also be required to access places that require the vaccination pass, and the second injection must be carried out within a month.