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Give a second life to your objects in Monaco


Did you know that you can give your possessions a new lease of life thanks to the Principality’s artisan repairers?

Bicycles, clothes, or household appliances… You’ve probably tried to sell unwanted items in a garage sale or online. But what if your cupboards are overflowing with objects that no longer work but that you can’t bring yourself to take to the dump? Help is at hand, thanks to repairers and craftsmen located in Monaco.


These are people with real expertise in repairs and reconditioning. By giving them your ‘wounded’ to heal, you can declutter AND save money instead of buying new. Plus, it’s good for the planet to repair rather than replace.

Finding your local repairer

To find out which repairer or craftsman is closest to your home, you can check out the map of repair points (to download) throughout the Principality.

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The map of repair and second-hand addresses in Monaco is updated regularly, in particular as new professionals are added to the list.