IMAGES. A metamorphosis for legendary Café de Paris Monte-Carlo!

MCSBM - Projet Café de Paris - Vue 2-min
Perrot & Richard Architectes / Alexandre Giraldi

Jean-Luc Biamonti, CEO of the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), showed the press the visuals for the new Café de Paris which will be operational in June 2023. 

The subject of much speculation since the announcement of its refurbishment, the future Café de Paris was unveiled on Thursday in the amphitheatre of the One Monte-Carlo. It was an opportunity to see the new face of the SBM building from all angles. Work has already begun and should be completed next year for an inauguration on 20 June 2023.

A colossal project of nearly 40 million euros that was designed and imagined by the local architect Alexandre Giraldi, renowned in the Principality, and Alain-Charles Perrot, chief architect at France’s historical monuments.

Among the major new features, the roof of the current Café de Paris will be raised by two additional floors, allowing the creation of an additional floor for the brasserie and a unique rooftop in the Principality of nearly 1000m2 adjacent to the current Bellevue lounge.

© Perrot & Richard Architectes / Alexandre Giraldi

Here customers will be able to discover Amazonico, a trendy restaurant concept that started in Madrid and is now operating in Dubai and London. Similar to Coya’s style in terms of atmosphere but with a completely different cuisine, Amazonico will provide exceptional meats but also sushi. The Amazonico Monte-Carlo will also have a dance bar for restaurant guests.

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© Perrot & Richard Architectes / Alexandre Giraldi

On the first floor, just below, the Café de Paris brasserie will occupy a brand new 280m2 terrace, in addition to the one on the ground floor square, with a more chic and high-end offering. Operational during the works, the Café de Paris brasserie has been temporarily moved since March 10 to the salle Empire, on the other side of the Place du Casino. The SBM decided on the move to avoid patrons being disturbed by the noise while the work is carried out.

©Perrot & Richard Architectes / Alexandre Giraldi

A new 800m2 space dedicated to luxury boutiques will also be built around the new Café de Paris. Although the retailers have not yet been revealed, Jean-Luc Biamonti confirmed that SBM is in discussion with new brands that are not yet represented in the Principality.

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©Perrot & Richard Architectes / Alexandre Giraldi

The shops may open in early 2023, a few weeks before the restaurants. In total, no less than 14,000 m2 of space will be used in the heart of a brand new building that is completely up to the minute but whose legend remains intact.