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Three key Initiatives by Prince Albert II Foundation

Fondation Prince Albert II

To mark the 64th anniversary of Prince Albert II, Monaco Tribune looks back at three major initiatives by his Foundation.

Monk Seal protection

© Fondation Prince Albert II

With a drastically reduced population after decades of hunting and culling, twenty years ago the monk seal was “critically endangered” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. That is why the Prince’s Foundation has been actively supporting projects that contribute to the conservation of the species since 2011,


The establishment of protected marine areas and the raising of awareness among fishermen have made it possible to protect the monk seal, which now has a population of 800 individuals, compared with 400 in the early 2000s. To ensure the monk seal’s survival, the Foundation also supports projects in Greece, Turkey, Madeira and Mauritania, to raise awareness among tourists and help them not to harm the species or its habitat.

Promotion of sustainable fishing

© Mr. Goodfish

Since 2013, the Principality has taken part in the Mr. Goodfish programme, which seeks to combat overfishing and encourage consumers to prefer seasonal fish. According to the Prince Albert II Foundation, “if every French person were to eat a species recommended by Mr. Goodfish rather than an overexploited species, even if it’s only once a year, 18,000 tonnes of endangered species could be saved.”

Restaurants, caterers, fishmongers, supermarkets but also consumers are invited to read the list that Mr. Goodfish publishes regularly, to find out which species are recommended according to size, resource status and season. The platform also provides tasty recipes to learn how to cook the fish of the day.

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Fighting plastic in the Mediterranean

© Lucile Courtial

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic are released into the ocean each year. This alarming finding is compounded by another: with more than 3 000 billion micro-plastic particles, the Mediterranean is the most polluted sea in the world.  The Foundation is therefore actively fighting against this pollution and has supported the BeMed association since its creation in 2019.

An appeal for micro-initiatives is launched each year. Numerous prevention and awareness-raising activities are being implemented throughout the world to reduce the production and consumption of plastic, such as in hotels, campsites and cruise ships.

You too can support the Foundation and its projects.