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Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation presents new anti-deforestation initiative

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

It was World Biodiversity Day on May 22, an appropriate date for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and three other partners to launch the Forests and Communities Initiative (FCI).

Forests are at risk and their volume is shrinking. Yet they are home to many plant and animal species and play a vital role in climate regulation.


Given the urgency of preserving the Amazonian, Central African and South-East Asian forests, the Albert II Foundation has joined forces with the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCOL), the International Federation of Rangers (IFR) and the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) to create the Forests and Communities Initiative.

The aim of the Forests and Communities Initiative (FCI) is to support the conservation of forest ecosystems through the action of indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs). In addition to financial support for projects through an annual call for applications, the first of which will be launched on the PA2F website from 1 to 30 June 2022, the FCI hopes to develop a network of actors who will participate in the advancement of new solutions, collaborations, and knowledge sharing through events and conferences.

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This new initiative is in addition to the “Monaco commits itself against deforestation” programme and 46 other projects supported by the Albert II Foundation of Monaco, which is very active in preserving the environment.

More info and project submission: Forests Communities Initiative