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Castelroc explosion: “everyone is fine despite the shock”

castelroc monaco
Castelroc via Facebook

Six people are still being cared for at the CHPG.

A big explosion. On Wednesday 8 June, an explosion occurred in the kitchen at the Castelroc restaurant on the Place du Palais, during the lunchtime service.  An incident probably “caused by the malfunction of a part that controls the gas flow to a pilot light”, according to Marc Bonafede, the owner of the establishment.


According to the Monaco fire brigade, five people were slightly inured and one person’s injuries were a little more severe. They were all taken to the CHPG.

According to Commander Vincent, all the safety checks were up to date, so there was no error on the part of the restaurant. “These things happen,” he told us.

At Castelroc, “everyone is fine despite the shock.” Marc Bonafede confirms that the restaurant will remain closed until further notice, “while new checks are carried out”.

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The establishment also said on its social networks: “We wanted to let you know that our cooks are fine, some have slight burns, but the staff is above all very shaken by this extremely violent event. We are all aware that things could have been much more serious and would like to thank you all for your messages of friendship and support. We look forward to seeing you again as soon as a safe and secure environment is back in place.”