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Prince Albert II presents Goodwill Ambassador Award to John Christodoulou

Yvan Grubski - From left to right: John Christodoulou, Prince Albert II and Mike Powers, Vice-President of the Monaco Ambassador's Club

The Monegasque resident and Cypriot businessman supports many philanthropic projects.

Prince Albert II presented John Christodoulou, a Monegasque resident and Cypriot businessman, with the Goodwill Ambassador Award on 11th June, in a beautiful ceremony at the prestigious Hermitage Hotel.


The Monaco Ambassador’s Club (MAC), under the high patronage of the Sovereign Prince, honoured John Christodoulou for his “unquestionable loyalty to Cyprus”, according to Christian Moore, president of the MAC, but also for his philanthropic actions. As well as supporting many projects through his Foundation, which helps children in need, he has also provided funds to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, funded a new gym for CHPG staff and provided two of his UK hotels free of charge to accommodate 750 Ukrainian refugees.

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“I am very happy to present this Goodwill Ambassador of the Year award to John,” said Prince Albert II. “He is a great friend, and a great support for Monaco and for everything we do here. Thank you so much for all of that, for all of your philanthropic initiatives, and for your kindness and incredible generosity, not just with your loved ones but all those in need.”

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John Christodoulou spoke of his love for the Principality: “Living in Monaco, we sometimes take things for granted, but it really is the best place to live in Europe. Our Prince is doing an incredible job.”