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Stelios Philanthropic Foundation rewards ten companies

Stelios Philanthropic Foundation

The aim is to encourage cooperation between Greek and Turkish companies on the island of Cyprus in order to bring the two communities closer together and achieve lasting peace.

After two years of absence due to the Covid pandemic, the “Stelios Bi-Communal Awards for Business Cooperation” are back.


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For the twelfth edition, the Monaco-based foundation rewarded ten teams of two entrepreneurs, each team being composed of one Turkish Cypriot and one Greek Cypriot. No fewer than 58 teams had applied to receive the handsome award of €20,000, or €10,000 per person. Half of the applicants had already received the prize in previous editions.

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From producers of olive oil (such as Hasan Siber and Alexandros Philippides, pictured), lavender and aluminium to a museum’s founder, the winners represent the diversity of the island’s economic activity.

Sir Stelios, a Cypriot himself, congratulated all participating entrepreneurs, who “set aside the differences created by politicians and work together to benefit their homeland’s economy and to consolidate peace on the island”