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AS Monaco commits to biodiversity with “Les Ruches Rouges & Blanches”

Nathaniel Sison

The club is launching the “Les Ruches Rouges & Blanches” (Red & White Hives) programme as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. For every ten goals scored in Ligue 1, a beehive will be launched in the Principality. 

With two goals already scored against RC Strasbourg, the Monegasques are already on their way to financing their first hive.


From this season onwards, for every ten goals scored by Philippe Clement’s side in the league, AS Monaco will finance the creation of a beehive capable of housing almost 40,000 bees in one of Terrae’s urban farms in the Larvotto district.

Had the operation begun last season for example, with more than 60 goals scored by the Monegasque team, six hives would have been installed in the Principality, representing some 200,000 bees that would have taken up residence and started pollinating the local vegetation. With a tally of twenty-five goals, Wissam Ben Yedder would have financed almost half of those hives himself.

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Preserving biodiversity and bees, essential for the planet

Some of the honey harvested (6 to 8 kilos produced per hive) will be given to the rival teams during the traditional ceremonial gift exchanges, spreading Red & White honey throughout Europe.

Bees are essential to our biodiversity because of their activity pollinating plants, but they are increasingly under threat. Global warming, increased pesticide use and the spread of the Asian hornet have significantly increased their mortality rate.

This is a major danger for the environment and humanity since, according to the UN, 40% of what we eat and 80% of plant species on Earth depend directly on pollination.

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By acting to preserve the bees, AS Monaco, a major socially and ecologically responsible force in its region, intends to contribute to safeguarding biodiversity.