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Monaco Grand Prix: Prince Albert II directly involved in negotiations?

© Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

According to Nico Rosberg, former Formula One world champion in 2016 and Monaco resident, Prince Albert II is reportedly at the heart of discussions with Liberty Media to keep the Monaco Grand Prix on the calendar for the next few years.


While no official announcement has been made to date, it remains a mystery whether the legendary Monegasque race will be included in the 2023 F1 calendar.

In a run-off alongside the Belgian Grand Prix (the French Grand Prix is already set to be dropped), the Monaco Grand Prix could undergo a few changes in order to be included in the 24-race schedule for next year.

Nico Rosberg takes a close look at the future of the Monaco Grand Prix/©DR

Liberty Media is reportedly in favour of adjustments to the circuit’s track to encourage overtaking. However, the Automobile Club of Monaco is said to remain uncompromising in negotiations. Likewise for the marketing of on-track advertisements, directly managed by the ACM, which would pose a problem for Liberty Media.

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Liberty Media targets track and billboards

The owners of Formula One are said not to look favourably upon advertising panels that were sold to the Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, while the official sponsor of Formula One is Rolex, another prestigious brand in the luxury watch sector.

We need a mediator who can bring Formula 1 and the Automobile Club together

Nico Rosberg

Sky Sports consultant Nico Rosberg was keen to shed some light on the negotiations surrounding the future of the Monegasque round.

“Prince Albert II himself is intervening in these discussions, because the Automobile Club de Monaco continues to take a hard line,” he said. “We need a mediator who can bring Formula 1 and the Automobile Club together. And the Prince is very involved. I am hopeful, because Monaco must absolutely remain on the calendar. It is Formula 1 history and the most glamorous race of the year.”