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Monaco hot air balloon set to conquer the world

Les Aéronautes de Monaco

It has been designed for minimal impact on the environment and reduced fuel consumption.

Eureka! ‘Les a√©ronautes de Monaco’ have successfully developed their environmentally friendly hot air balloon. Thanks to support from the Principality and the Marzocco Group, the Monegasque balloon demonstrates Monaco’s commitment to acting for the planet.


The president of the Les a√©ronautes de Monaco club, Alain Cruteanschii, spoke to Monaco Info on Monday evening. He explained the theory behind this new-generation balloon, which he compares to double-glazing in homes: “It is a balloon with a double skin. We maintain high temperatures inside the balloon and, thanks to the double skin, there is much less heat loss. This enables energy savings of 50-70%.”

Lower consumption, higher safety

© Les Aéronautes de Monaco

The advantage is not just environmental. The fuel savings achieved through the double skin improve the balloons’ safety. Alain Cruteanschii explains that most balloon accidents ¬†happen because we get to short petrol“, i.e. a fuel shortage. With this new, much more efficient technology, Cruteanschii says that on landing, “there is still an hour or two of fuel on board.” More than enough to resolve any problems that may arise in the air.

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For the time being, the balloon is not intended to carry passengers. However, it should be flying over Monaco and its most emblematic locations over the coming months to show this new concept off to Monegasques and the world. It will then travel around the world, showcasing the Principality.