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Why was there smoke in Monte-Carlo on Sunday evening?

Twitter / @coco98000

The answer can be found in the kitchens of the Louis XV restaurant in the H├┤tel de Paris.

“Heard the sound of an explosion 5 minutes ago and I see smoke towards the Casino area. Any info?” On Twitter, some internet users in the Principality expressed their concerns and their hypotheses on the evening of 28 August. “A robbery? Or maybe a car that caught fire,” suggested a user of the social network.


Nothing of the sort. According to Monaco-Matin, the smoke came from the kitchens of the three-starred Louis XV restaurant in the prestigious H├┤tel de Paris. It would seem that at the end of service, the cooker extractor hoods stopped working, thus causing “enormous smoke emissions.” The smoke spread into the sky, eventually becoming visible from a distance. The hotel’s technical staff and the fire brigade were sent to the scene, but in the end the hoods were quickly put back into operation. The incident did not – apparently – disrupt service.

Internet users confirmed that the situation was under control: “Everything is fine, I passed by. I saw the fire engine, but no smoke, just in front of the Empire Hall. People are walking, the police are not there. Everything is calm”, commented a young woman.

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