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100 firefighters attend blaze at Roc Agel, near the Prince’s holiday home

SDIS06 / C. Sartor

On the night of Friday 9 to Saturday 10 September, a number of calls alerted the emergency services to a brush fire in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, near Prince Albert II’s second home, the Roc Agel villa. Eight hectares went up in flames.


An impressive fire broke out in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin last Friday night. A strong wind made operations more complicated for the hundred or so C├┤te d’Azur and Monegasque firefighters at the scene.

Before containing the fire on Saturday morning following an airborne reconnaissance operation, they evacuated several houses and an equestrian centre, as the fire headed towards the motorway and Beausoleil. A total of six people were provided with shelter in a room in Roquebrune town hall.

The Prince’s holiday home spared

Although the flames covered eight hectares (mainly vegetation), the Prince’s holiday home was not impacted. Firefighters were on hand from the start of the incident, as a precaution.

On Saturday, about 50 men were still on the scene to deal with the edges of the blaze “in very challenging terrain” so as to avoid the fire restarting. A firefighting helicopter had to be called out.┬á

On the A8, traffic was slowed down by the presence of emergency vehicles that were parked in the nearside lane but the road was not closed.