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“Dreaming in Azur”: Venice and Monaco join forces to combat climate change

Prince Albert II Foundation

The event in aid of the Prince Albert II Foundation began with a concert by the singer Mika.

The first gala dinner show organised by the Venetian Arts Foundation was held at the Hotel Hermitage on 1 October. An event called « Dreaming in Azur », which Prince Albert II attended.


The evening’s entertainment kicked off in style with a special guest star: the international singer-songwriter Mika put on a superb show, designed and directed by Antonia Sautter, known for her famous Venetian gala “Il Ballo del Doge”. The dinner was about Venice, but also about charity: the funds raised during the event were entirely donated to the Prince Albert II Foundation, to support its coastal resilience and marine protection projects.

The Venetian Arts Foundation’s mission is to protect and promote the figurative and musical arts, with an emphasis on Venetian talent. “We are pleased to announce that the first cultural event organised by our foundation, to benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, boasts an important charitable scope: fundraising to support specific projects of the renowned Monegasque foundation to support coastal resilience projects and to raise awareness on climate change and sea level rise,” declared Daniela Di Giorgio and Filippo Ghirelli, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and founders of the Venetian Arts Foundation.

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“Thanks to the Venetian Arts Foundation we will be able to strengthen our efforts in favour of coastal resilience, a common issue between Venice and Monaco, but also for many cities around the world. That is why the Foundation has launched an initiative dedicated to the Nexus Ocean-Climate-Biodiversity: we namely support pathways for mitigation of climate impacts and adaptation, we also federate experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and mayors of cities most at risks, around innovative solutions”, added Olivier Wenden, vice-president and CEO of the Prince Albert II Foundation.

The Foundation stresses that “coastal areas are at the forefront of climate change. Rising sea levels, increasing ocean temperatures, the intensification of extreme weather events, and more erratic rainfall are amplifying economic, social, and environmental vulnerability in coastal zones.

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By 2050, one billion people living in low-lying areas are expected to be exposed to climate-related risks. Coastal ecosystems, when protected, provide key services to enhance climate resilience and safeguard both blue economies and human wellbeing.”