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PHOTOS. Prince’s Carabinieri back in winter wardrobe

Axel Bastello / Prince's Palace

The traditional Changing of the Guard also heralded a change of uniform.


The cooler autumn weather is upon us. The white uniforms of the Carabinieri are no longer needed to cope with the summer weather, and it is time for the Company of Guards to swap the summer uniform for the winter version.

This usually occurs in October, but this year the temperatures were still too mild to put on warmer clothes. The Carabinieri therefore wore the lighter outfit for almost a full month longer.

© Axel Bastello / Prince’s Palace

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On Monday 7 November, at 11.55 a.m., the two uniforms had a brief ‘face to face’ meeting. In a precise choreography, white gave way to blue and black. The winter uniforms consist of blue trousers, a black jacket and red trim.

© Axel Bastello / Prince’s Palace

The Carabinieri will change uniforms again when the weather turns warmer, in May.