Send your letter to Santa from Monaco

Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

He will answer you in person.


The children know all about this service. Father Christmas’ Monaco secretariat opened on Monday 21 November, for the 16th consecutive year.

Any child that wants to can write directly to Father Christmas. They just need to write “Père Noël” as the address and drop their letter in any of the Principality’s letterboxes, and it will reach the secretaries of the big guy in the red suit.

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Don’t forget to include your name and address with your letter or drawing, to be sure to get Santa’s personal reply. The special secretaries will be working up until 23 December, then they will be making the most of the festive season too.

The secretariat is keeping up with the times. In addition to the traditional letter, children can also write to Father Christmas directly on the La Poste Monaco website.