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Sir Stelios suggests investing in the latest member of the easy family, easyBoat


Each investment will earn shares in the new company. The objective is to raise at least €250,000.


The easy family is still growing. Monegasque resident Sir Stelios, owner of the easyJet brand in particular, is supporting a funding campaign on the Crowdbase platform for the new start-up, easyBoat.

Founded by two Greeks, Alex Nastos and Simos Lalagos, easyBoat aims to become the leading online price comparison platform for international yacht charters. Like for hotels, or Skyscanner for planes, easyBoat conventiently lists yachts for charter in one place, at an affordable price.

The objective of the financing campaign is to raise between €250,000 and €650,000 to fund the new company’s development. Each investment will earn shares in the new business at a price of one euro per share. A minimum investment of €100 is required.

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If easyBoat is as successful as easyJet, it would certainly be a good investment. Especially since Sir Stelios himself has already invested €500,000 in the new company.

More details: Crowdbase