Prince’s Palace: see frescoes being restored until 15 October

© Paul Charoy / Monaco Tribune

Restoration work has been underway since 2015 on frescoes within the Prince’s Palace that date from the Renaissance. The public will now be able to admire the latest ones in the State Apartments. 

Painting and touching up is underway in the throne room of the Prince’s Palace, and discoveries are being made. At ceiling level, on top of pieces of scaffolding several metres off the ground, the conservation-restoration specialists are carrying out their painstaking work. In total, some twenty specialists are working on the site five days a week.

Sitting on odd-looking chairs they made themselves, the level of concentration of the heritage conservators and restorers is impressive. And visitors can witness it for themselves from today, as the throne room will be open to the public during the restoration work, which is set to continue for a few more months.

© Paul Charoy / Monaco Tribune

On Sunday 2 April, the State Apartments opened to the public once again. This will be an opportunity for visitors to look at the 600m2 of frescoes that were already discovered and restored in the Galerie d’Hercule, which were unveiled a year ago, and many rooms in the palace.

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“Most people think that the Palace was decorated in the 19th century. It is true that in the 19th century, there was a major restoration campaign at the Palace, with an extensive amount of painting being undertaken in the Cour d’Honneur (ceremonial courtyard). We assume that they were painted over the existing frescoes,” explains Christian Gauthier, director of the restoration-conservation project.

He began this colossal project in 2015, accompanied by an initial team of heritage painters who specialise in frescoes. As time went on, other frescoes were discovered, in ‘varying states of repair’. In the Galerie d’Hercule, 85% of the original frescoes have been uncovered.

© Paul Charoy / Monaco Tribune

Practical details:

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Tours are possible until 15 October 2023