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AS Monaco Basket has innovative ticketing system thanks to AI

AS Monaco Basket's innovated ticketing system uses artificial intelligence ┬ę Facebook / AS Monaco Basket
AS Monaco Basket's innovative ticketing system uses artificial intelligence ┬ę Facebook / AS Monaco Basket

Wiremind, the web data manager, has been the Roca Team’s exclusive ticketing partner since July 2023.

┬źEventori┬╗ is the name of the technology that enabled AS Monaco Basket to introduce the innovative ticketing system. Powered by Wiremind, the technology uses artificial intelligence to handle live ticket sales efficiently, for a better spectator experience.


A week ago, Wiremind published an early assessment of the partnership on LinkedIn. Here are its findings: ÔÇťSignificant 50% increase in ticket sales and ticketing revenue, improved fan experience through a personalised smartphone-based ticketing interface and seamless integration and support, thanks to an excellent relationship with the team.ÔÇŁ

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Thanks to Eventori and its artificial intelligence, ticketing is automated, but with total control. It means the Roca Team plays in a Gaston M├ędecin sports hall with optimised seating allocation, to accommodate a maximum of spectators.

It is a solution that benefits all those involved in the club, from the supporters to the management. A full hall means a great atmosphere and hopefully great results on the court. At the same time, the club optimises its ticketing revenue by avoiding potential unsold seats.

Eventori has proven itself to be an effective technological innovation for the Principality club, which stands out from all its competitors thanks to this cutting-edge ticketing tool.

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