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Hemmels – “not restored, reborn”  

This and other classic Mercedes models will feature at the VIP event

The Hemmels Pagoda Electric has been in development since 2018 and will make its debut this weekend in Monte Carlo. 

On Saturday, April 20th, the Welsh car restoration company, Hemmels, will be hosting a very special event at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco to showcase the global debut of their very first EV prototype, along with three other one-of-a-kind fully restored classic Mercedes.  

They will be hosting a VIP dinner in the wine cellars of the Hotel Hermitage with leading local figures as well as automotive collectors and Hemmels car owners from around the world.


“Past, present and future”

To create their Neugeboren (“newborn”) cars, Hemmels disassembles vintage Mercedes, rebuilding them with modern features while ‘honouring the craftsmanship of its maker’. Each vehicle requires over 4,000 hours of work. 

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The Cardiff-based company chose the classic Mercedes Pagoda as its first electric vehicle. “Rewriting the electric narrative,” they describe it as “more than a rebuild… a paradigm-shifting reimagining of an icon.” Legendary lines meet lithium-ion technology. 

We don’t consider our cars as restorations, they are reborn

Tom Butterfield, operation director

This weekend’s VIP guests will also be able to admire, and perhaps own 

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  • the right-hand drive 190 SL that was last owned by the Grammy-winning singer and showman, Tim Hauser, and previously by producer Lou Reizner.
  • a left-hand drive 280 SL in selenite grey with such low mileage as to be practically new
  • a left-hand drive automatic 280 SL in silver