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Osaka World Fair: Total immersion in the Principality’s environmental actions

Monaco's pavillion : Take Care of Wonder ©Jérôme Hein Architecte & Atelier Pierre

In a futuristic but natural style, the Monegasque pavilion is ready to welcome an expected 28 million visitors.

In 2025, the World’s Fair will return to Osaka, Japan in the legendary Kansai region. This exhibition is on the overarching them of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” and will be presented from three angles: Saving lives, Inspiring lives and Connecting lives. Monaco’s Pavilion, ‘Take Care of Wonder’ is in the third category.


Built in a Japanese and Mediterranean garden, a symbol of peace and environmental protection, the Monegasque pavilion will combine architecture, technology, nature and works of art.

From 13 April to 13 October 2025, the 28 million visitors will discover seven large vertical windows inside the first semi-circular building that will present videos of captivating vistas of the Principality. Under the windows, seven separate apertures will transport visitors to Monaco through touch and smell.

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©Jérôme Hein Architecte & Atelier Pierre

The second building, smaller in size and designed in the form of a tree, will allow visitors to learn more about the history of the Principality and how it has developed in a sustainable way.

Visitors will then be able to move on and wander around the garden, where they will discover a sculpture by Thomas Medicus, a life-size board game and a playful and interactive installation questioning the role of bees in our world.

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The last building will take visitors down into the depths of the ocean thanks to an illuminated installation, where they can discover the species that live in the Mediterranean. Through six porthole-shaped screens, they will learn about the projects that the Albert II Foundation promotes for the protection of the oceans.

At the end of the Universal Exhibition, the works of art will be reused and the rest of the pavilion will be recycled.