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Monaco establishes diplomatic relations with world’s smallest republic

Monaco and Nauru have signed diplomatic ties © Prince's Governments 
Monaco and Nauru have signed diplomatic ties © Prince's Government

Nauru’s and Monaco’s Permanent Representatives to the United Nations in New York met to formalise the relationship.

On 21 May 2024, the Principality of Monaco established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Nauru, which becomes the 159th State to have formal ties with Monaco. The agreement was sealed with the signatures of Margo Deiye, Permanent Representative of Nauru and Isabelle Picco, Permanent Representative of Monaco.


The world’s smallest republic, Nauru is an island state in Oceania and a member of the United Nations since 1999. Lying close to the equator, it ranks among the countries that are particularly affected by the impacts of climate change, particularly heat waves and rising sea levels.

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During the meeting, the Permanent Representatives discussed a number of topics of common interest, including the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, as well as shared benefits for developing countries under the High Seas Agreement.