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Princess Stéphanie models for her daughter Pauline Ducruet’s new collection

The family posing to present Pauline Ducruet’s new summer collection © Alter Designs/ Instagram 

Alter Designs pulled off a great marketing coup involving part of the Princely Family.

Coinciding with the Grand Prix, Pauline Ducruet’s unisex clothing brand, Alter Designs, has just published a video campaign featuring her family and especially her mother, Princess Stéphanie. 


Pauline Ducruet has gone all out For her new “Summer Club” collection, and decided to have her family model the garments.

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Shot at the Méridien Beach Plaza, you can spot among others in the short video: Princess Stéphanie dressed in several outfits, Daniel Ducruet, Pauline’s father, her brothers and sisters, her grandmother and her cousin. 

A pop-up store was opened at the Hôtel de Paris to celebrate the arrival of summer and the new collection. You can see the «Summer Club collection» at the iconic hotel in Monte-Carlo, as well as at the Métropole Shopping centre.

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