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Princess Charlene attends Water Safety Day in Corsica

princess charlene water safety day calvi
© Communication Department

Princess Charlene travelled to Calvi, in Corsica o Friday June 7, to take part in Water Safety Day, a crucial drowning prevention event organised by the Princess Charlene Foundation.

The 4th edition of Water Safety Day took place on the beach at Calvi and drew over 80 participants aged 8-12, from Calvi’s Loviconi and Calenzana schools.


The children were able to take part in four land-based and four water-based workshops, including life-saving, first aid and safety exercises.

The workshops were led by Stéphanie Barneix, the Foundation’s ambassador and world water rescue champion, and her team of athletes, with the support of the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (National Sea Rescue Society – SNSM) and the Haute-Corse fire brigade.

The aim of the events is to raise awareness among the very young of the dangers of water, to train them in life-saving techniques so as to reduce the number of drowning accidents, and also to educate children in the values of sport. The Princess Charlene Foundation supports the approach all year round.

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A regular visitor to the events, Princess Charlene highlighted the importance of these prevention and awareness-raising actions on beaches. The Princess also presented each participant with a diploma, much to their delight.

Photo credits: © Communication Department