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Robbery in Monaco: Monaco Watch Company appeals for witnesses and offers reward

The robber stayed for around 7 minutes in the Monaco Watch Company store.

The company hopes to help move the ongoing investigation forward.

Just under a month ago, on 29 May, 82 watches were stolen from a Monegasque jeweller’s, with an estimated loss of 4 million euros.


The robber, disguised as an old man, entered the shop at around 11am, took a handgun out of his bag and threatened the shop assistant. After picking up the loot, he used a spray to cover his tracks before heading in the direction of Beausoleil on a scooter driven by an accomplice who had been waiting nearby.

Monaco Watch Company’s appeal for help

The injured party, Monaco Watch Company, is now appealing for help, as reported by Monaco-Matin. On the brand’s website, the company says it is offering a reward to anyone who comes forward with “the decisive tip that leads to the arrest of the culprit or the recovery of the watches.”

It states that it is offering a “Small reward: for useful tips that contribute to solving the case”  and a  “Large Reward: for the decisive tip that directly leads to the arrest of the culprit or the recovery of the watches.”

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A list of the stolen watches is published below the message. Some 32 Rolex watches were taken. There are also other popular brands such as Cartier, Chopard, Audemars and Patek Philippe.

If you can help, you can contact them, anonymously or otherwise, via the contact form on the Monaco Watch Company website.

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