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72 students receive awards in Monegasque Language Competition

The Monegasque language is compulsory for all pupils up to Year 10 (US grade 9) © Direction de la Communication/ Manuel Vitali

1919 students took part in the Monegasque Language Contest but only a handful of them were recognised for their proficiency at a special ceremony. 

The awards ceremony for the traditional Monegasque language competition took place on 20 June 2024 in the Cour d’Honneur of  Monaco Town Hall with Prince Albert II and other leading figures from the Principality in attendance, including the Mayor, Georges Marsan, several members of the Town Council, Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy, Claude Manzone, President of the National Committee for Monegasque Traditions, as well as representatives of the Prince’s Government, cultural bodies and the Principality’s highest authorities.


The awards ceremony began with the Monegasque anthem performed by the U Cantin d’A Roca choir. Deputy Mayor Karyn Ardisson Salopek then took the floor. In particular, she stressed that “learning the country’s history, traditions and language does not mean turning inward as a territory. Quite the contrary! It allows us to be connected by a collective memory and an identity. This is a fine tribute to the country and to the expressive language of our ancestors.”

A warm cultural event

This year, 1919 students from years 6 to 13 (US grades 5 to 12) sat the written qualifying tests and 72 of them, 11 more than last year, were selected for the oral tests before going on to win awards in the competition. Many awards were given out, with families, teachers and donors present.

The ceremony also featured a skit in Franco-Monegasque, performed by six young pupils. This precious heritage is alive and well in Monaco!

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