Coronavirus: Prince Albert II’s recovery continues

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Prince Albert II, who remains confined to his palace apartments after testing positive for coronavirus, is eager to assure Monegasques of his improving condition. Tired, but overall in good health with symptoms disappearing by the day, the sovereign revealed to Monaco Info the latest developments in his experience with COVID-19.


Prince Albert II sounded in good spirits, revealing that his fever has gone and he feels well, despite a small cough which remains. Although there was some worry surrounding his response to the virus, considering his brush with pneumonia a few years ago which weakened his lungs, he was quick to assure that this has not presented a problem in his recovery.


“When you have a sensitivity in your lungs, as I have, and other people have, of course there’s a little extra worry,” said the Prince. “When you have fairly mild symptoms, you have a very, very good chance of not having complications. But you still have to be monitored, you have to monitor yourself.”


Doctors are indeed monitoring his condition closely. In a statement made by the Prince’s Palace this morning, royal officials emphasised that they believe his health is no cause for concern.


ÔÇťI have a lot of hope that my quarantine will soon be overÔÇŁ


The Prince received well wishes across the world following the news he tested positive, but this week Princess St├ęphanie was the one to lead the support closer to home. Every night at 7pm, the Principality has erupted into song with the Monegasque national anthem. His sister and nieces Pauline Ducruet and Camilla Gottlieb shared a video where they wave the Monaco flag and lead a series of cheers for the Prince. It mirrors similar displays around Europe which hope to recognise the excellent efforts of health workers in the pandemic.


“I heard it a few days ago when I was having a walk around the garden […] It is very touching,” said the Prince, in response to an Instagram story where the cheers of the royal trio are audible. “It’s a beautiful symbol of this society, of community spirit, and that all Monegasques in the Principality are together in this very, very difficult situation.”


When asked about whether his involvement in government had been affected, he reassured that a constant level of contact remained with his cabinet and advisors. Regular telephone calls between him and the mayor, and with members of the National Council take place to affirm important state decision.


As measures in France tighten, Prince Albert revealed his opinion on sanctions upon freedom of movement in the Principality. He told Monaco Info that “instead of being repressive, or imposing sanctions or restrictions, we need to get everyone to recognise the seriousness of the situation, and after, when they are suggested with forewarning and imposed, to accept the measures.”


“We have to support them”


He repeated his call to collective responsibility by reminding listeners of the importance of CDC guidelines and of the amazing work that key workers across Monaco provide. “Not only did I want to adopt the barrier actions that can save [everyone], that can prevent the further spread of this pandemic, but I also wanted everyone to know that our health services, our caregivers are there, are competent […] We have to support them.”


Giving his thanks to the media, he emphasised the importance of communication to properly convey the importance of the pandemic.


A brush with Prince Charles


In recent news that Prince Charles has been tested positive with coronavirus, some have questioned whether it was his meeting with Prince Albert that may have caused the spread. In an interview with RTL, the Monegasque sovereign assured that this was unlikely.



They had crossed paths at a round table for WaterAid on March 10th, just over a week before Prince Albert tested positive. “I never shook his hand,” confirmed the Prince. “I don’t think I should be blamed for having contaminated him […] I am aware that he continued with official engagements after this.”


So far 31 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Monaco and one person has fully recovered.