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Discover Monaco’s all-women vintage car rally with a charitable heart

Child CARE Monaco

Sunday September 13th marks the 7th edition of Monaco’s Lady Vintage Car Rally. The funds raised will go towards an all-girls’ school in India which is run by Child CARE Monaco, a charity which fights for the right to education.

The race will start at 8.30 am from the Place du Casino, after a breakfast at the Café de Paris. The arrival is set for 7pm in front of the Prince’s Palace. This year’s theme is “The Far West”.


Proceeds will go to an all-girls’ school in India

A tombola will be organised in the afternoon. The funds raised will go to the all-girls’ school built by the Child CARE Monaco association in India. Opened in 2013, it is located in the village of Trestha in the province of Rajasthan and currently welcomes 110 schoolgirls. “Classes are taught in Hindi and in accordance with the country’s traditions and values. Qualified teachers teach mathematics, geography, science, art and English,” explains the association.

“After such a long lockdown, driving around the French Riviera in vintage cars is a joy for all of us,” says the event’s organisers. Last year, around thirty vintage vehicles took part in the atypical race.

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