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Storm Alex: Riviera’s cooks prepare 3,000 meals

Storm Alex
Le cœur des Chefs


After Storm Alex left behind widespread devastation, about 30 chefs from the Côte d’Azur have joined efforts to cook for the affected population.

It was Mauro Colagreco, from three Michelin stars restaurant Le Mirazur in Menton, and Cristophe Bacquié, from the Hôtel du Castellet, who came up with the idea. But if cooking for the disaster’s victims is easy enough, getting the food to the affected valley is a whole other matter.  

100 meals per chef

To bring their plan to fruition, the cooks called Philippe Joannès, director of culinary events at Monaco’s Société des Bains de Mer. The call is a first of many, and soon 30 cooks, bakers and pâtissiers have joined efforts. “We asked our suppliers to help us and they were all ready to help, either with products or with transportation. Let me express our warmest gratitude for their support. It’s not going to be a piece of cake, but we’re going to make it”, comments Philippe Joannès.

Each cook will prepare 100 starters, meals, or desserts, while the bakers will make bread. On 15 October, refrigerated lorries will come to collect the 3,000 or so dishes, which will then be distributed the following day to the disaster victims in the valleys and to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly in the storm’s aftermath. Depending on the quantity of food and the accessibility of the locations, helicopters will also be used.