Getting tested for Covid-19 in Monaco? Here’s all you need to know

Réalisation du test de dépistage du Covid-19


After a mass-scale introduction in Italy and France, antigen Covid-19 testing is now available in Monaco. Here’s how Monaco’s testing strategy will change in November. 

The Prince’s Carabiniers were the first ones tested with Monaco’s new antigen Covid-19 tests. Like PCR tests, Antigen tests are conducted through a nose swab. The difference is in the rapidity of the test. With an antigen test, results are available in less than 30 minutes, while PCR test results take 24h to come through. 

Training medical professionals

An other advantage of Antigen tests is that, after a short training period, they can be carried out by all medical professionals, as well as by people who are not in the medical field. 

“We had to train a certain number of people in Monaco: the carabinieri, some firemen, first-aid workers from the Red Cross. We are also going to offer training courses to other medical professionals such as pharmacists who will soon be able to carry out these tests in their pharmacies,” Alexandre Bordero, Director of  Monaco’s Department of Health Affairs, told Monaco Info.

Where can you get tested in Monaco

So where can you get tested for Covid-19 in Monaco? The full list of testing centers is available on the Government’s website. At the moment the Espace Léo Ferré is exclusively reserved for PCR tests,  while antigen tests will soon be available to medical professionals.

The Government is currently working on regulations that will give pharmacists, doctors, labs, and nurses a go-ahead to carry out antigen tests. The price and the terms of reimbursement of antigen tests are yet to be defined.