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Nice terror attack: what we know so far

Basilique de Nice
Policiers devant la basilique de Nice


As investigations continue, Monaco and France come together to honour the three victims of the terrorist attack at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice.

It’s the second terrorist attack in just over 4 years. And as old wounds reopen, Nice awaits justice. As of Monday 2 November, the attacker, Brahim A, has not yet been questioned by the police.  

6 people in custody

Shot 8 times by the police, Brahim A has been operated on twice – Thursday and Friday – and is reportedly still in critical condition. Three of the six people questioned by the police are still in custody. Amongst them is a 29-year-old Tunisian man who reportedly traveled from Tunisia to Italy with Brahim A on 20 September. The two other men in custody were with the 29-year old Tunisian man when he was arrested.

Monaco honours victims

On Sunday evening, a mass was held in the Notre-Dame Basilica to commemorate the victims of the attack. In Monaco, the Diocese published on Facebook a post honouring the victims of the attack: Vincent Loques, the church sexton, Nadine Devillers, and Simone Barreto Silva, a Brazilian woman living France and mother of three.