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From Monaco to California: the state of the pandemic around the world

Maragret Keenan

As the UK begins its coronavirus jab campaign, things aren’t as bright in sunny California, which is partially back under lockdown. In Monaco, the situation remains under control.


Tuesday 8 December is one for the books. Today marks the beginning of the UK’s coronavirus vaccination campaign, the first one in Europe. While Canada should start carrying out vaccines next week, the EU still hasn’t given approval to the Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccines.   The first UK jab was carried out in Coventry, to 90-year-old Margaret Keenan.  With over 61,000 deaths, the United Kingdom is the European country worst affected by Covid-19.  

However, most of the UK’s population will have to wait a little longer before getting a vaccine. At the moment, priority is given to retirement homes, health care workers, and people above the age of 80.

Hostpial admissions in Monaco continue to drop

On Thursday 26 November, Monaco registered 3 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of cases to 641. 12 patients are currently hospitalised at the Princess Grace Hospital, 3 of them in ICU. However, out of the 12 patients hospitalised, only 5 are Monaco residents. 29 people are followed by the Home Patient Follow-up Centre, while the total number of recoveries has risen to 577.

As for France, the likelihood that the country will open up again by mid-December is decreasing by the day. When relaxing the November lockdown, Marcon said that France would open up by 15 December if cases went below 5,000 a day, a target which is unlikely to be reached on time. Italy, Monaco’s other neighbour, has just reached the grim milestone of 60,000 deaths and the Italian interior minister, Lucia Lamorghese, has tested positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile in California, democratic governor Gavin Newsom has put the southern part of the state back under lockdown, as ICU bed availability dropped below 15%.