In brief

NitrAdine, Monaco’s new tool for fighting the pandemic

Nitradine Surface

The disinfectant tablets developed by Dental Care Product Monaco have just landed on the market. The unique formula, which is baked by the industry, is already in use in several Monégasque institutions.


NitrAdine is the brainchild of Jean-Pierre Bogaer, who works at Dental Care Products, and Bart de Wever, scientific director at Bonyf. As soon as coronavirus gained ground,  the two scientists look into developing a disinfectant product that would be effective in stopping the spread of the virus on surfaces. NitrAdine is based on a  formula already used in the medical field for the disinfection of dental appliances.

A formula that has been tested and approved

The result is NitrAdine, an effervescent tablet that can be dissolved in water. Alcohol-free, the solution is effective for 12 hours and can be used on all surfaces. Made in Switzerland following international quality standards, NitrAdine is effective in blocking all kinds of viruses.

A multi-faceted use

NitrAdine is suited to all environments: from homes to hospital departments, laboratories, and retirement homes. 20 tablets can produce more than three liters of disinfectant, making therefore also an environmental solution.

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