Hermitage Hotel hosts Monte-Carlo Auction House this January

Monte-Carlo Auction House sculpture
Monte-Carlo Auction House

The Monte-Carlo Auction House (H├┤tel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo) is set for an incredible auction this January. For nine days, starting on 20 January, the gavel will go down on paintings and sculptures, modern and contemporary alike.


Auctions are always happening in Monaco and the Hermitage Hotel are hosting several this January. From the 17 to 21 January, Artcurial will begin the bidding, afterwards passing the gavel to the Monte-Carlo Auction House. A wide variety of beautiful, rare pieces will be sold. On 20 January, paintings and sculptures, both modern and contemporary, will be auctioned from 3pm onwards.

All lots for sale can be viewed either online or in person. Potential buyers can see the pieces in advance, from 16 ÔÇô 19 January, at the following times: 9.30am-12.30pm or 2.30pm-6.30pm. Lots may also be viewed on the morning of their sale. Amongst the artwork there will be: a landscape painting of Provence, signed by the polish-born French artist Mo├»se Kisling (1891-1953); a portrait of Alice Derain by French avant-garde artist Marie Laurencin (1883-1956) and a sculpture of a galloping horse by Edgar Degas (1843-1919).

How to bid?

Potential buyers must complete a registration form upon arrival at the auction house. Proof of identity and bank references must also be provided. They will then receive a paddle before the auction begins. The number on it will be unique to each buyer. It is also possible to register over the phone. However, this request must first be made in writing.