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Is the C么te d’Azur becoming a more popular tourist destination?

From 18 to 26 November 2020, the C么te d’Azur’s Regional Tourism Committee conducted a study on over 1000 people in France. The purpose was to find out what they thought of the C么te d’Azur and if they ever planned to stay there.

Out of the 1016 people interviewed, 926 lived somewhere other than the French Riviera. For 43% of those people not living in the C么te d’Azur, they believed it was made up of the Alpes-Maritimes and Var regions. The same was true for more than half of retired people and people benefiting from a CSP agreement: workers recently made redundant who will receive state support until reemployment.


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In addition, the C么te d鈥橝zur is a less popular place to stay compared with Northern and Eastern France. Two thirds of people in the study had already stayed in the C么te d鈥橝zur, but it seems the further away from the region people live, the less likely they are to book a stay there.

Overcrowding is discouraging tourists

On a national level, 7 million answered as never having been to the region. 20% had a very strong desire to visit and 44% would also quite like to go there one day. However, not everyone felt so drawn to the south coast, with 15% expressing no great desire to visit and 21% did not want to stay there at all.

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According to the study, one of the main reasons people chose not to visit the region was because it can get so busy and crowded. However, many tourists are not put off by this. Noteably youngsters, residents of the 脦le de France and Rh么ne-Alpes regions, as well as people part of a CSP agreement. Added to these groups are inhabitants of North-West France, who may also visit the Riviera.